Jockey Hollow Veterinary Practice

3 Jockey Hollow Road
New Milford, NY 10959


Dr. Jennie Rubenstein

Dr. Jennie Rubenstein Since graduating from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1993, Dr. Rubenstein has treated dogs, cats and exotic pets. She enjoys educating her clients about their pet's conditions so that they can work collaboratively to choose a treatment or prevention plan that is just right for the family.

As a pet owner herself, she is particularly sensitive to the strong bond that develops between a family and their pets. The responsibilities of pet ownership often include sensitive and emotional decisions regarding treatment strategies for each life stage.  It takes compassionate communication to make decisions that are individually tailored to the pet and family's needs.

"I value the relationship that is developed between a veterinarian and their clients. Communication is the basis of this relationship, as we work to protect, treat, and preserve the quality of life of our pets. "

Dr. Rubenstein has had the pleasure of sharing her heart with several pet rabbits, a chinchilla, a turtle, a snake, some mice and hamsters, a bearded dragon, a ferret, many dogs, a few cats, and a horse in addition to her human family.


Adam DalyAs the chief veterinary assistant of the Jockey Hollow Veterinary Practice since 1992,  Adam has been a regular part of our client's lives.  He conscientiously attends to each patient from admission to the hospital until discharge. He is more than happy to discuss your pet's care and preventative health recommendations.  With years of experience and his continuous efforts to improve the quality of care the Jockey Hollow Veterinary Practice provides, he is an asset to our clients.

Our Staff

reception Our receptionists are friendly and approachable.  They will happily assist you with scheduling appointments, filling prescriptions, and directing your calls to our technicians or doctor for health information.  It is not unusual to find them on the "other side of the desk" giving that extra bit of attention to the patients at Jockey Hollow Veterinary Practice.

 Our animal care staff is quick to give extra love & attention to our patients during exam visits or hospital stays.